We set out to make the best water
decades later, we have succeeded

What we do

Water at its best is when it flows easiest across cell membranes for best hydration. Our success has only been possible by putting nature’s energy to work.

<33 perfected water does not only provide superior hydration, when consumed, it also helps in preventing dehydration.

Scientifically proven and validated by various university studies and a comprehensive double-blind, randomized cross-over clinical hydration study.

The clinical trial has shown that drinking <33 treated water decreases the extent of dehydration in athletes and in close to 90% prevents dehydration.

The demonstrated increase in blood plasma volume when compared to human performance suggests notable improvements shown in correlations coefficients for linear regressions between total blood volume and maximal oxygen uptake. 

Our Vision

Our goal is to deliver low-cost solutions for everyday use so everyone can afford and enjoy the benefit of better hydration and help in the prevention of dehydration.

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Below 33Hz

<33 Technology is a passive antenna, not unlike an RFID device (key fob, door access card). <33 devices are embedded with specific, beneficial energy patterns.

They are continuously powered and activated by atmospheric wave energies that vibrate below 33Hz, thus eliminating the need for power or batteries.

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<33 Technology benefits any beverage containing water.
<33 improves how water flows across cell membranes.
It delivers superior hydration and prevents dehydration.

Superior Hydration

Being hydrated is vital for the majority of our bodily functions, protecting our joints, and maintaining healthy organs.

Improved Performance

Being superior hydrated increases ones blood and plasma volume, which also improves performance in aerobic and endurance sports.

Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration can have severe impact on the heart, muscles, blood volume and cognitive functions.

Skin Hydration

Improved skin health is important, for not only a younger, healthier look but also for prevention of various skin problems and infections.

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